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Health Consultation


Health improvement services can benefit everyone: adults wanting more “zip”, women experiencing hormonal changes, people feeling toxic, children with learning problems, pregnant women, people with allergies, people preparing for or hoping to avoid a recommended surgery, those who feel like they can’t relax, or that they can’t get up and go. Or perhaps you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level. In short, there are clinically proven protocols designed to address over 2000 bodily symptoms.


You know you want to improve your health. Perhaps you feel tired, run down, anxious, stressed, feel some pain or some pesky symptoms. You may feel toxic, or find you get sick easily, or have trouble learning. Or you want to know the root cause that’s contributing to lowered vitality. Or you want to find and correct a problem when it is still sub-clinical — before it becomes a full-blown health issue. You arrange an appointment, during which we review your health goals, your diet, your symptoms and any medications and/or supplements you’re taking.

Physically Present: You arrive at your appointment time, where you will receive a complete assessment using a variety of muscle testing systems. These processes evaluate the reflexes on the surface of your skin that correspond to the various organs and systems of your body to discover those that are out of balance or weak and need to be strengthened.

Phone Consultations: You will receive your complete assessment using a combination of an in-depth interview, a symptom scoring system and a review of your health history.

Then: You will be provided with a protocol: recommended dietary changes along with whole food supplements, whole organic herbs and/or homeopathies designed to bring your body back into balance and improve your vitality. These are listed according to top priority, second, third, etc, so you can decide how many you want to address.

For example: One person’s assessment might reveal a food intolerance, an immune challenge and a chemical toxicity. Another’s may show heavy metal toxicity, a hormone imbalance and weak connective tissue in need of nutritional strengthening. Yet a third may expose mineral deficits, memory problems due to nutritional deficiencies, and digestive problems due to poor bile production. Whatever is discovered, each recommendation is based on your body’s unique needs.

Getting Results: All products on your protocol are available in the office so you can purchase them and get started on improving your health right away. In between assessments, your job is to make recommended dietary changes to the best of your ability and take the recommended products, once, twice, or sometimes three times a day, usually with meals. Make a note of any questions you have or problems you encounter to address during your next appointment.


Initial assessments: These typically take about an hour. However, if you have a number of health issues or you are from out of the area and want to accomplish as much as possible in one visit request additional time when you book your appointment. Appointments are made in increments of ½ hour.

Return appointments: These will also be about an hour in the beginning, and are generally scheduled about a month apart. However, if you have an acute health situation, you can schedule return appointments sooner. After your body has demonstrated the improvements you were seeking, and after your assessments reveal the same basic supportive protocols, you are ready to return less often. Finally, to maintain your new health achievements, you are welcome to return periodically – perhaps once per season.

As requested… Long-distance assessments are now available!
This is an excellent option if you live out of town, will be out of town or have friends and relatives you want to refer who live elsewhere but need health-improvement services.

Credit card payment is now an option!
You can pay for products and services using PayPal using any credit card as you choose, even if you don't have a Pay Pal account. If you do have an account you can also transfer money from your bank account.


1. Your Health Improvement Consultation questionnaires will be emailed to you on receipt of payment for your assessment(s).

2. Fill out the form(s) at your leisure. When it is complete, fax it to (707) 462-2217 or scan the questionnaire and email to  You will then be notified of phone appointment options by email or fax. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

3. Reply immediately to confirm your phone appointment time. (Appointments not kept will be charged the full fee unless rescheduled 48 hours in advance.) During your phone appointment, you will be asked a variety of questions to further personalize recommendations.

4. Approve your recommended supplement order provided at the end of your session and send payment via your account for quickest service or send check directly to address below.  Your order will be placed as soon as your payment is received. Your supplement list and schedule will be sent to you by fax or email.

Payment for Supplement Order


Order your assessments at $150 each
or get all 4 at special discount price of $500

Hormone Balance for Women

Bones Health Improvement Assessment
Cardiovascular Health Improvement Assessment

All 4 Assessments - $500

Send check made out to Pam Levin R.N.
and send with form to

The Nourishing Company
P.O. Box 1429
Ukiah CA 95482
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